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Monday to Friday: 11.00 am - 2.30 pm  // 6.00 pm - midnight
Saturday: 6 pm - midnight
Closed on Sundays


Tell's Service

Tell's Service


Come and visit us.

Whether you want to enjoy a delicious lunch in the atmosphere of a classy local pub or meet with friends in the evening over a good glass of wine and culinary specialties from the canton of Graubünden and the region: just come and visit us at Tell.

There are many good reasons for this. Just take the attractive old town building on two comfortable floors where we look after your comfort with friendliness and care, also when it comes to business functions and private parties. Or the seasonal menu offering handmade delicacies, stews and Tell's classics depending on the time of year. Not to mention the ideal location, in the middle of the town and quite near the Spalentor.

The best reason for a visit to Tell is, however, the feeling afterwards: as if you had been sitting, eating and drinking in your very own living room.

Take your time.

And we mean this literally. It is contained in every one of our fine dishes – time. Quite a lot of it in our handmade Capuns from the Bündnerland. Or during the cold season in our stew and simmered dishes: based on freshly prepared stocks and broths the many hours from the pan onto the plate will literally melt in your mouth with every bite.

And now it could be maintained that we at Tell claim time can be eaten. But we will not go this far. All we say is the longer it cooks the better it gets.


When selecting our ingredients we are as careful as we are uncompromising. Therefore the Jenzer Fleisch- und Feinkost AG supplies us with meat in 'Natura' quality (from animals bred and raised in natural environment). Game comes straight from Surelva in Graubünden. And we can also recommend the fish, either caught in the wild or organically raised – always MSC certified.

In short you enjoy the self evident. Our quality.


Tell's Venue

Tell's Venue


Tell''s Pub

Two steps down from the narrow entry in the Spalenvorstadt take you right into the middle of Tell's pub. You will feel immediately at home, at one of the long wooden tables in the semi-basement. Is it the appealing interior, our friendly staff or the delicious smell of food wafting from the neighbouring table – that we don't know. From experience we can promise you however, that here in Tell's pub great things happen in a small space.

  • For lunches, a beer after work, Apéro, evening meal, small talk over fondue, clique, business and private functions
  • Space for up to 35 person

Tell's Parlour

Up the narrow stairs above Tell's pub you find Tell's parlour, the restaurant's small Bel-Étage with tables set all in white and with a wonderful view of the old town houses of the Spalenvorstadt. A jewel with a tasteful atmosphere presenting a wonderful cozy setting for private and business functions. But watch out: if you think that only Basel's elite socializes here you are wrong. Tell‘s parlour welcomes anybody who knows how to enjoy the good things in life.

  • For banquets, birthdays, anniversaries, family gatherings and business functions of any kind.
  • Space for up to 40 persons
  • Seating as per your requirement

Tell's Boulevard

Directly opposite the Botanic Gardens Tell's Boulevard nestles up against the timber frame of the old suburban houses. It feels like being on a small island, right in the middle of town and quite close to the university. And before we take this any further let's just say: On Tell's Boulevard you are on holiday.

  • For pleasurable summer evenings, spontaneous chilling downtown, candle light dinner, jazz evenings, taking a break
  • Mediterranean cooking and cooling drinks
  • Room for up to 35 persons

Tell's Lounge

Well hidden in the back of the Bel-Étage you encounter Tell's Lounge. Here at the large table you can overlook the small things in life helped by a glass of good wine. An excellent single malt. Or an Apéro. But then overlooking gets difficult what with all the culinary snacks from the kitchen.

  • For private, club or business functions. In combination with Tell's Parlour also as Apéro room
  • Room for up to 12 persons
  • Separate beer bar and ventilation



Tell's Team

Tell's Team

Fabian Karlen


From Wiese to Spalentor: not so long ago Fabi did his magic as the only cook in the kitchen of Schliessi in the middle of the Langen Erlen. Now he cooks at Tell's. But wait a minute – cooks? Fabian Karlen has taken all his energy, his expertise and passion for his dream job into town. And rumour has it that since then it gets darker sooner in the Langen Erlen.

Andy Cavegn


For almost 30 years Andreas Cavegn has been a cook with passion, team coach and host all in one. Just recently, i.e. since the end of 2015, in Tell's restaurant. Some customers have the impression it has been a lot longer than that. Being an old hand in the catering business he did a good job beforehand. This makes you immediately feel at home on his new turf.



Text coming soon...


Managing Assistent

Raschida Jardioui knows from years of experience how to manage the balancing act in a restaurant. Striking this difficult balance between satisfied customers, motivated co-workers, excellent working atmosphere etc. How this works? We have no idea. But we know from experience: she knows, and she does it really well.


Service staff

Inspired by a pioneer of natural food, Lilija Monkevic's culinary gene developed to great heights a few years ago. Also in private she has become a passionate follower of sustainable cuisine. You are invited to ask her yourself what this means. She will probably produce Tell's Menu, smile and say: this here, for example.



After 16 years in the «holy village» in Mariastein Angela is now reading the wishes from the lips of her guests at the Restaurant Zum Tell. Well ok... Sometimes it still need's to be a menu on the table. But only for the details. One wish she always fulfills her guests: The nice and warm feeling, of getting served by a obliging and friendly person.



Guests hardly ever set an eye on Brigitta «Brigi» Giordano although she can be found just as often as the others in Tell's rooms. She is not shy, it is her duty: outside opening hours Brigitta is in charge of overall cleanliness in the restaurant – and therefore quite spectacularly inconspicuous and discrete. She creates the inviting feeling that guests will later enthuse over.


Kitchen Staff

In fact, Kamran is a shoemaker by trade. And before the native Afghan went to Northern Europa and then came to Switzerland he was floor manager in a shoe factory. Now he is a member of Tell's team, in charge of preparing salads, washing up and the cleanliness of the kitchen – and the war is far away. An Afghan proverb says: the feet go where to heart goes. We say: enjoy, appreciate und keep the peace. And this does not only apply to Tell where Kamran wholeheartedly stands his ground at the sink.



Banquet Request

Banquet Request


Banquet request


dear guest

Thank you very much for your interest in the banquet services of our «Restaurant zum Tell». We are delighted to assist and inspire you in planning your event. Below documents inform you about our various rooms, our culinary offers, the prices as well as serivces. There are plenty of possibilities at your disposal to tailor your event to your individual wishes and needs. 

The «Restaurant zum Tell» is a special place located in a building near the Spalentor in Basel’s old town. It can look back on a 500-year-old tradition. We would love to meet you personally to show you the amenities of our location.

The rooms of the «Restaurant zum Tell» offer the ideal backdrop for events of any kind. The Tell's Stube is especially suited for business or club events as well as private celebrations. We recommend the Tell's Baiz for wedding feasts, baptism celebrations or corporate Christmas dinners. The Tell's Lounge turns meetings into experiences and Tell's Boulevard promises unforgettable BBQs during the warm seasons. We provide a professional, creative atmosphere for you. 

The Restaurant zum Tell is closed on Sundays. However, we are available for banquets or events from 15 people on request.

The wellbeing of our guests is always at the center of our attention. We attach great importance on personal service. Your satisfaction is our greatest concern.

– You host Andreas Cavegn


Restaurant Zum Tell

Spalenvorstadt 38 // 4051 Basel
T. 0041 61 262 02 80  // info@zumtellbasel.ch

Monday to Friday:
11.00 - 14.30 / 18.00 - 24.00
18.00 - 24.00
Closed on Sundays.


Unsere Räumlichkeiten

Tell's Stube

Die Tell's Stube gleich über der gemütlichen Tell's Baiz ist die kleine Beletage des Restaurants. Mit ganz in weiss gedeckten Tischen und dem zauberhaften Ausblick auf die historische Spalenvorstadt bietet ihre gediegene Atmosphäre die perfekte Ambiance für private oder geschäftliche Anlässe. Kurz; ein Bijou, wie es im Buche steht.

  • Für Bankette, Geburtstage, Jubiläen, Familienfeiern und Firmenanlässe

  • Die Tell's Stube bietet Platz für bis zu 35 Personen

  • Individuelle Möglichkeiten der Bestuhlung


Tell''s Baiz

Hier werden Sie sich schon in der ersten Sekunde Zuhause fühlen. Das liegt am schönen Interieur, dem verführerischen Duft nach feinen, mit Liebe zubereiteten Speisen und dem freundlichen, aufgestellten Personal. Eine echte, charmante Basler Baiz, wie sie leider nicht mehr oft zu finden ist.

  • Für Mittagessen, Feierabendbier, Apéro, Nachtessen, Fondue-Plausch, Cliquen-, Firmen- und Privatanlässe

  • Die Tell's Baiz bietet Platz für bis zu 30 Personen

Tell's Boulevard

Vis-à-vis des Botanischen Gartens schmiegt sich der Tell's Boulevard an die ehrwürdigen Fachwerkhäuser der Vorstadt. Eine Idylle mitten in der Stadt. Hier fühlen sich unsere Gäste gleich so entspannt wie in den Ferien. Ein Erlebnis, dass man nicht so schnell vergisst.

  • Für genussvolle Sommerabende, spontanes Chillen, Candle Light Diner, Jazz-Abende, BBQ und mediterrane Büffets

  • Der Tell's Boulevard bietet Platz für ca. 40 Personen

Tell's Lounge

Ein wenig versteckt im hinteren Bereich unserer Beletage bietet der grosse Tisch unserer lauschigen Tell's Lounge den perfekten Rahmen für tiefsinnige oder auch leichtere Gespräche bei einem Glas guten Wein, einem Bier oder einem gediegenen Single Malt. Das diskrete Ambiente lädt aber auch zum Apéro oder zu einem gehaltvollen Essen ein.

  • Für Privat-, Vereins- oder Firmenanlässe in Kombination mit Tell’s Stube für Apéros und dem Ausgaberaum für Büffets

  • Eigene Biertheke und separate Lüftung

  • Die Tell's Lounge bietet Platz für bis zu 12 Personen




Das Kochhandwerk beginnt nicht im Kochtopf, sondern in den Köpfen und Herzen der Köchinnen und Köche. Dabei spielt das handwerkliche Können, der Wille nach eigener Kreativität und der Anspruch an die Qualität der verwendeten Produkte eine tragende Rolle.

Flexibel und mobil

Falls Sie zu Hause eine Party steigen lassen, als Gastgeber aber keinen Finger rühren wollen, dann rufen Sie uns einfach an. Wir verfügen über reiche Erfahrung im Bereich Catering.

Schön dekoriert

Ihrem Wunsche entsprechend organisieren wir eine passende Tischdekoration in allen möglichen Variationen. Selbstverständlich steht es Ihnen auch frei, die Räumlichkeiten in Eigenregie ganz nach Ihrem Gusto auszuschmücken.


Wir stehen immer gern zu Ihren Diensten für Ihr Bankett, Ihren Anlass und exklusives Catering


Wir verwenden ausschliesslich Frischprodukte von unseren sorgfältig ausgewählten, langjährigen Lieferantenpartnern in der Region. Christoph Jenzer von der bekannten Metzgerei Jenzer, überzeugt uns immer mit seiner Natura- und Freilandqualität. Das Wild beziehen wir aus der Surselva im Tujetsch, Graubünden. Das Kabier-Fleisch beziehen wir direkt von Sepp Dähler aus dem Appenzell. Die lokale Firma Pfaff liefert uns täglich frisches Gemüse. Frischer Fisch wird uns zweimal wöchentlich von Sealike geliefert. Dabei kommen nur Fische mit Nachhaltigkeitsnachweis wie MCE, friendship etc. auf den Teller.

Die Kaffeerösterei Buser in Binningen, ein kleines Familienunternehmen, versorgt uns mit feinem Kaffee aus nachhaltigem Anbau. Wir verzichten konsequent auf Weine aus Übersee und fördern den Verkauf von lokalen Weinen aus dem Bio Weinbau von Antoine Kaufmann aus der hinteren Klus in Aesch.

Glänzend unterhalten

Sie wollen ihre Gäste mit unterhaltenden Attraktionen überraschen? Wir vermitteln Kontakt zu Künstlern, Varieté-Künstlern, Musikern und DJ's. Oder möchten Sie einmal in einer Restaurantküche mit Freunden unter kundiger Anleitung selber kochen? Wir machen es möglich.


Ihre Gastgeber


Fabian Karlen &Andreas Cavegn