From Wiese to Spalentor: not so long ago Fabi did his magic as the only cook in the kitchen of Schliessi in the middle of the Langen Erlen. Now he cooks at Tell's. But wait a minute – cooks? Fabian Karlen has taken all his energy, his expertise and passion for his dream job into town. And rumour has it that since then it gets darker sooner in the Langen Erlen.



For almost 30 years Andreas Cavegn has been a cook with passion, team coach and host all in one. Just recently, i.e. since the end of 2015, in Tell's restaurant. Some customers have the impression it has been a lot longer than that. Being an old hand in the catering business he did a good job beforehand. This makes you immediately feel at home on his new turf.



Don't play with your food. Or should you? We at Tell think you should. Those who can handle food and ingredients in a playful manner can also cook extraordinary things. Take Sam Novotny for example. She does this. Both, cooking playfully in a superior manner. Therefore our tip: when taking the next bite just close your eyes and listen to your palate. Just like Sam, quite playfully. Then you will taste what we mean.


Managing Assistant

Raschida Jardioui knows from years of experience how to manage the balancing act in a restaurant. Striking this difficult balance between satisfied customers, motivated co-workers, excellent working atmosphere etc. How this works? We have no idea. But we know from experience: she knows, and she does it really well.


Service staff

Inspired by a pioneer of natural food, Lilija Monkevic's culinary gene developed to great heights a few years ago. Also in private she has become a passionate follower of sustainable cuisine. You are invited to ask her yourself what this means. She will probably produce Tell's Menu, smile and say: this here, for example.


Service staff

After 16 years in catering in the «holy village» of Mariastein Angela Meier can now anticipate her guests' wishes at Tell's. Fair enough, sometimes a menu is still needed but only for the details. Angi Meier will always fullfill this wish, the great feeling of the customer being treated with friendly attention.



Guests hardly ever set an eye on Brigitta «Brigi» Giordano although she can be found just as often as the others in Tell's rooms. She is not shy, it is her duty: outside opening hours Brigitta is in charge of overall cleanliness in the restaurant – and therefore quite spectacularly inconspicuous and discrete. She creates the inviting feeling that guests will later enthuse over.


Kitchen Staff

In fact, Kamran is a shoemaker by trade. And before the native Afghan went to Northern Europa and then came to Switzerland he was floor manager in a shoe factory. Now he is a member of Tell's team, in charge of preparing salads, washing up and the cleanliness of the kitchen – and the war is far away. An Afghan proverb says: the feet go where to heart goes. We say: enjoy, appreciate und keep the peace. And this does not only apply to Tell where Kamran wholeheartedly stands his ground at the sink.